St. Luke’s Central Campus Praise Band & Praise Choir

The Central Campus Praise Band is a vocal, guitar, and keyboard driven ensemble that leads worship during the 10:45 worship service at the central campus. On occasion, the band also provides musical leadership at block parties, prayer meetings, and other events both on and off campus. We enjoy including a variety of other instruments when available to enhance the sound of the ensemble. Participation is on a rotational basis, around two or three times a month.

If you sing or play an instrument and are interested in joining the praise band, please contact Dr. Andy Coward, music director at the central campus. Participation is by audition due to the musical skill needed for leading music in a small ensemble.

The Praise Choir is a vocal ensemble that provides musical and visual support to the praise band. It is our goal to fill the choir loft with worshipers who sing from their hearts and inspire the church to do the same. If you are interested in joining the praise choir, no audition is necessary. Singers in the praise choir are encouraged to blend voices to produce a good group sound.  Contact Dr. Andy Coward for more information.  

Weekly Schedule


Saturday rehersal 10:00-11:30am Choir Loft
Sunday sound check 9:30am Choir Loft
Gathering Song 10:43am Choir Loft
Service Starts 10:45am Choir Loft

Saturday Rehearsal

10:00-11:30 am – Choir Loft

Sunday Sound Check

9:30 am – Choir Loft

Sunday Gathering Song

10:43 am – Choir Loft

Sunday Service Starts

10:45 am – Choir Loft

group of people sitting on ground with bonfire

Typical Sunday Ensemble

2 Lead Vocals Acoustic Guitar Bass Guitar Piano/Keys
2 Harmony Vocals Electric Guitar Drums Occasional (Flute, Violin, etc.)

Typical Sunday Ensemble

2 Lead Vocals | 2 Harmony Vocals

Acoustic Guitar | Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar | Drums

Piano/Keys | Flute/Strings

Dr. Andy Coward

Dr. Andy Coward

Worship Pastor, Central Campus

Dr. Andy Coward