St. Luke’s Guitar Class

Our goal is to provide free instruction to raise up church musicians who want to glorify God and serve the church. And, we hope to have some fun along the way!  Contact Dr. Andy Coward for more information.

Guitar Class Times

Guitar 1 Sundays 5:30-6:00 Room 4
Guitar 2 Sundays TBD

Guitar Class Times

Guitar 1: Sundays
5:30-6:00 Room 4

Guitar 2: Sundays


Guitar 1

This class is for beginners. We cover the basics, learn several chords and strumming patterns, and learn to play a few songs as a group. Taught by Andy Coward.

Guitar 2

This class builds upon the material in Guitar 1 and introduces new chords and strumming patterns. The goal is to learn several worship songs and to play with the praise band. Taught by Andy Coward.

Guitar 3 TBD

This class builds on the material from Guitar 2 and introduces new material. Offered when an instructor is available.

Dr. Andy Coward

Dr. Andy Coward

Worship Pastor, Central Campus

Dr. Andy Coward